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Our Pledge to You

Knowing your farmer is the best assurance that the food you are buying is farm fresh and naturally grown. At Beulahland Farm, we practice eco-friendly, diversified and sustainable agriculture. The vegetables and fruits that you purchase from us are Certified Naturally Grown, and are fresh from our family farm to your family's table.

We Pledge that in our farming and marketing we will:

  1. not use any GMO seeds, synthetic chemical insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers.

  2. maintain and build healthy soils by using farming practices that include rotating crops and using compost, green manures and cover crops.

  3. treat poultry and livestock humanely by raising them naturally; provide them access to the outdoors and fresh air; and use no growth hormones or routine antibiotics in their feed or water.

  4. maximize the freshness, nutritional value and flavor of our produce by practicing careful post harvest handling, and reducing food miles by selling locally.

  5. ensure food safety by using potable water for watering crops and washing produce - the same water our family drinks.

  6. maintain the land in a healthy condition for future generations of family farmers.